Two years ago, wealthy local businessman J. M. Vanderstowe perished in a plane crash over the Appalachians. The wealthy recluse left no heirs to his large estate. His assets were turned over to a board of trustees from his extensive corporation. Unknown to the general public, Vanderstowe was a passionate collector and student of the Occult. Over the years, his money and international connections permitted him to gather a priceless collection of artifacts, relics, and curiosities from all over the world. The exact contents of Mr. Vanderstowe’s collection have remained a guarded mystery, but speculations abound.

The executor of Vanderstowe’s estate, Seth Applegate, arranged for a small, private auction for noted collectors, scholars, and museums known for their interest in the Occult. The auction was by invitation only, and featured a rare, unique centerpiece of living art:  a collection of six paranormal investigators held in statis within liquid-filled statis chambers.

Tank 01: Lisette DuBois, parapsychologist.

Tank 02: Adolphus Krieg, history professor

Tank 03: Marcus Jensen Skilgarde, race car driver

Tank 04: Victoria Badger, occult expert

Tank 05: Jon, soldier

Tank 06: Helena Steding, antiquities expert



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