“The hallmark of Lovecraft’s work was the sense that ordinary life was a thin shell over a reality which was so alien and abstract in comparison that merely contemplating it would damage the sanity of the ordinary person.”



SESSION ONE:  The investigators receive an invitation from Seth Applegate to investigate a mysterious house.

Scene Zero:  Beginning of the End      July 2, 2013

The investigators are going about their regular routine on 7.02.13 at exactly 1300 hours. Each of them receive a text message containing the following message: 41 06 56.61 N 78 45 57.79 W at exactly the same time (1300 hours.) At about that same time, each of them, became aware of three large Men in Black Suits, including  white shirts, black ties, and dark sunglasses. The men approached each one, informing them that Mr. Applegate wanted to meet with them right away because he needed someone with their particular skill sets to a mission. The Men In Black Suits transported each of Our Heroes to 301 South Brady Street in meticulously clean Black Sedans.


Scene One: Welcome to 301 South Brady Street    July 2, 2013

The investigators meet with Seth Applegate. He explains that in order to be able to sell The Corbitt House within the Vanderstowe auction on 7.09.13, he needed the house to be professionally pronounced Haunted or Not Haunted due to a series of tragic events. He offered each investigator $1200 up front with an additional $400 per day. He added that there would be a bonus for completing the mission before midnight on 7.08.13 of another $1200 each. The investigators negotiated the $1200 up front to $1500 which Seth Applegate was happy to match. Some of the investigators requested additional services. After the meeting, Applegate thanked them for coming and escorted them back through the front door and into the street. However, The Hobo With A Shotgun managed to steal a large container of salt before leaving the building.

Scene Two:  A Blast From The Past   July 2, 2013

Our Heroes went their separate ways to do some investigating. At 1600 hours, they met back at the Corbitt House located at 131 South Brady Street. They separated, checking out the exterior of the house and its grounds. Marcus remained with The Hobo, standing in the front of the house simply observing. Lisette began to get some visions about the House due to her sensitivity to the paranormal. At one point, she thought she heard crying from inside, saw fire, and then even saw a young girl peering out the window. The girl’s eyes were stark white with no pupils or iris. At about that time, there was a sudden explosion as the air next to Marcus suddenly blazed into a fireball. The flame was there, and then suddenly it was gone. A man came stumbling out of the fire, his clothing smoldering and his skin seriously burned. Marcus reacted using his training as a firefighter, attempting to help the man by extinguishing the flame and then treating his wounds. However, The Hobo With A Shotgun did not react well to the sudden burst of flame and smoldering man. He shrieked loudly, standing in a stupor for a few moments while a bit of his Sanity drained away. Although nobody else saw it, he was sure that he saw a leering, reptilian eye glaring at him through the momentary burst of flame. When the others rushed to the scene, the man was dead due to the severity of his burns. However, Marcus recovered a letter, a necklace bearing an odd symbol, and a small glass tube containing an ancient looking nail.

Scene Three:  Woe to the Hobo   July 2, 2013

Adolphus discovered that their was some strange paradox occurring in the area around the house which seemed to cut them off from the world at large. He found that departing the grounds of the Corbitt House allowed him to pass out of the paradox. He and Lisette left the grounds to do some research and investigation. Meanwhile, Helena and Marcus attempted to make sense of the dead man who had suddenly appeared in a ball of flame. The Hobo With A Shotgun retreated to the porch of the house where he relieved himself, and then poured salt around him in a protective barrier. It was not until he attempted to leave the porch that he realized that despite his efforts, he could not step off the porch. Each time he would try to step off – or even jump off! – of the porch, he would find himself right back at the top of the stairs. However, Helena and Marcus did not see this happening. To them, all they saw was The Hobo With A Shotgun standing at the top of the stairs in a second stupor, his eyes and mouth wide open in a horrid, silent scream.


SESSION TWO: Our heroes begin their investigation of the house at 131 South Brady Street.

Scene One:  A Cursory Inspection    July 2, 2013

Lisette considers reporting the man’s death to authorities, but decides against it due to the paranormal circumstances of his appearance and death. Turning their attention to The Hobo With A Shotgun, Lisette and Helena both become concerned that his stupor is not part of his regular abnormal behavior. Approaching him carefully, they speak to him with no response. However, after Helena touches him, The Hobo seems to return to normal. Fearfully, he departs the porch to make sure he wasn’t still trapped there. He explains to the ladies that he was trying to leave the porch but wasn’t able. The entire situation is confusing because although The Hobo claims he was moving around and shouting, nobody else saw him do anything but stand in a stupor. It was almost like another form of the paradox discovered by Adolphus.

After resolving the issue with The Hobo, the investigators turned their attention to the house again. Lisette discussed the situation with the back yard being wet and possibly seeping with sewage from an underground source. Helena pointed out that although the house looks like it hasn’t been well tended in the last few years (peeling paint, porch weak and collapsed in places, mold growing on the roof and exterior walls in places) the structure of the building seems to be in excellent condition. She suggests that either someone did work on the exterior that is not documented in the public files they have discovered during research, or perhaps the house is aging at a slower rate than it really should due to paranormal influence.

The ladies each took turns looking into the windows from the porch to “get a feel” for the interior. The window is dirty on the exterior, but they are able to see that the inside is in fairly good repair. The window to the left of the door reveals a storage room of some kind with several boxes piled up while the window to the right shows a living room. Helena notes that there are a lot of religious gewgaws in the living room (crosses on the walls, religious statues, religious trinkets) while Lisette points out the rather disturbing looking painting on the wall. The painting is of a vaguely human form, and makes anyone looking at it uneasy and uncomfortable.

Finally, the investigators decide to enter the House. Helena places the old iron skeleton key into the key hole, but before she can turn it to unlock the door they all hear a screeching sound (like scraping a knife across a plate.) Unnerved, Helena and Lisette step back and allow The Hobo With A Shotgun to open the door. He does so defensively almost as if he expects something to jump out at him.

The group sees a long hallway. There are three doors on either side, and a staircase at the end of the hall leads off to the left and up to the second floor of the house. They smell an odd, sickly sweet mixed odor of musty mildew and stale beer. Half-way down the long hallway they can just make out an old railroad spike laying in the hallway. Flicking the light swtich in the hallway reveals that the house’s electricity is turned off.

Scene Two:  The Storage Room       July 2, 2013

Lisette saw a psychic vision of a reptilian eye

The investigators check out the Storage Room which at one time might have been a nursery. It is now filled with haphazard piles of boxes, Rubbermaid bins, and baskets of clean and dirty clothing. Sundry items litter the floor. Helena notices a wooden box that looks out of place, and The Hobo With A Shotgun identifies it as an Army Footlocker marked with the name W. Corbitt. Smashing it open with the butt of his shotgun, The Hobo reveals three books wrapped in cheesecloth. All of them are leather-bound books. One is Walter Corbitt’s diary starting in 1915 when he begins service in the Army during World War I and ending a few weeks before his death and burial in the basement of the house. The other two are Nigrum Librum (The Black Book) and The Knights of Silver Twilight Handbook. While in the room, they notice the sickly sweet stench growing worse (for no recognizable reason) and also hear an echoing snarl that seems at first to come for the hallway but actually came from room above them. They decide at this point to move on and investigate the Living Room. The Hobo With a Shotgun thought he saw something moving at the end of the hallway by the stairs, but he decided that it might have just been a trick of the shadows and flashlights.

The Army Footlocker

Scene Three:  The Living Room       July 2, 2013

The Odd Painting

Opening the set of double doors, the three investigators found themselves in a living room filled with conventional furnishings, including a large television, radio, an Xbox and Playstation,  large couch, two large over-stuffed chairs, and shelves laden with trinkets, and children’s toys. Helena took notice of the unusual quantities of crosses, images of the Virgin Mary, and other Catholic religious artifacts throughout the room. However, Lisette focused on the odd and disturbing painting she had glimpsed from outside. It seemed to be an oil painting of the Virgin Mary, and was signed by a local artist named Nelson Blakeley. Gazing at the painting makes the viewer unsettled, nervous, and uncomfortable. After a brief stay in the living room, our Heroes decided … enough is enough. As the others were leaving the house, Lisette thought she saw something red dripping from the ceiling in the dining room that connects to the living room, but a closer look revealed nothing. Maybe it was just her mind playing tricks on her.


Scene Four: Enough is Enough        July 2, 2013

Our Heroes decided that they did not want to continue the investigation until they had made some more preparations. They contacted Seth Applegate’s office, leaving a request for a large amount of supplies and equipment. They also requested that the electricity and water be turned on to the house. Lisette left a recorder in the hopes of gathering some kind of EVP evidence. The Hobo With A Shotgun took the W. Corbitt Diary  with him, while Helena kept the Black Book and the Knights of Silver Twilight manual. They went their separate ways, planning to regroup the next day and being the investigation after a long rest and good night’s sleep.



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