June 2014 – DuBois, Pennsylvania

One year ago, wealthy local businessman J. M. Vanderstowe perished in a plane crash over the Appalachians. The wealthy recluse left no heirs to his large estate. His assets were turned over to a board of trustees from his extensive corporation. Unknown to the general public, Vanderstowe was a passionate collector and student of the Occult. Over the years, his money and international connections permitted him to gather a priceless collection of artifacts, relics, and curiosities from all over the world. The exact contents of Mr. Vanderstowe’s collection have remained a guarded mystery, but speculations abound.

The executor of Vanderstowe’s estate, Seth Applegate, arranged for a small, private auction for noted collectors, scholars, and museums known for their interest in the Occult. The auction was by invitation only, and held within the First Commonwealth Bank on Route 219 in DuBois. The featured piece of artwork was called “V” which sold for $60,000 to a Mr. Ferro.


Now Mr. Ferro has summoned a small group of local investigators to assist him in a delicate matter.



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