Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit this page.

First, this document is for those interested in playing Call of Cthulhu (CoC) in the near future. Although we will be playing CoC face-to-face, there will be online aspect like this one posted on my blog. Although you do not have to read the online information, it will give you information to hopefully enhance the game. Anything posted online is considered to be information that can be gained by the investigators through research, study, or contacts. What I will ask is if you log in to look at something that you leave a message on the blog saying that you did, and responding with any questions, thoughts, or comments.

Secondly, you should start thinking now about what type of Investigator you might want to play. Although you will be free to look through the book and pick a stereotype or class for your character, the main issue will be that your character should be a person with authority of some kind. This authority can be used to further investigate the odd things that happen in the CoC setting. Suggestions from the book are: Doctors, nurses, professor, technician, parapsychologist, psychologist, businessman/businesswomen, clergy, soldier, agent, reporter, archeologist, antiquarian, police officer, blue collar worker, dilettante, criminal, or cultist.

Next, if you have a lot of spare time on your hands, you can click on over to and check out the different links. There is one for information about the Setting, another about the RPG, and some more about playing characters, and non-playing characters. Also, there is a link for dramatis personae. Read through some of it. It may come in handy. Oh speaking of that … check out the NEWS section, too.

Lastly, the setting of our CoC game will be the be great metropolis of DuBois, PA.  Although some of the people and places will be slightly different, and the grittiness will be a lot darker, the encounters will happen in places that you will be familiar with from living here every day.

I’m looking forward to playing some CoC and hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

Your friendly neighborhood Storyteller,



7 responses to “TOP SECRET

  1. Jason, that sounds great. I’m going to suggest that you play a member of the Hidden Order of Saint Gregory. We’ll talk more about it soon. And thanks for replying so quickly!


  2. I’m going with something I am familiar with..Parapsychology. I see flashes of things that were and can investigate by touching and examining. I can’t tell future, like a psychic, but have premonitions and I get messages of warning through dreams….( I’ll leave it up to you to guess which ones have actually happened to me!) 😛


  3. Can I be a historian who is also a world renown race car driver. Plus, the most interesting man in the world who also loves bunnies!



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