A Tragic Series of Events


1835: House built by a “prosperous merchant” involved in the mining trade.

1836: House is bought by Walter Corbitt.

1852: Corbitt is sued by neighbors, but lawsuit is thrown out of court.

1865: Corbitt is unsuccessfully sued again, this time to prevent his burial in the basement of the house.

1866: Corbitt dies, and is buried as per his wishes in the basement of the house. Service is presided over by Pastor Michael Thomas.

1866: Corbitt wills the house to Pastor Michael Thomas of the Chapel of Contemplation in Luthersburg.

1880: Family of “French Immigrants” lived in the house. They fled after a series of “odd” accidents.

1880-1909: House vacant

1909: Smith family moved into house. Within a month all began to suffer odd illnesses.

1912: Pastor Michael Thomas arrested. House being managed by church elders.

1914: Eldest Smith Brother committed suicide using a butcher knife.

1915: Smith family moves out of house.

1915-1917: House is vacant.

1917: Pastor Michael Thomas escapes from prison and “disappears.”

1917-1918: Jones family moved in but the entire family falls ill and is hospitalized.

1918-1920 House is vacant

1921-1930: House is licensed as a hospice.

1930-1940: House used as a Half-Way House.

1950-2007: House purchased by Swartz family.

2007-2010: House is purchases by Mr. Vanderstowe and undergoes renovation. $25,000 bank loan acquired to remodel the house. All renovations appear to be on the interior.

2010 – 5/01/2011: House is licensed as a manse for use by Pastor Thomas Michaels of the “Church of His Lord And Master” in DuBois.

5/01/2011: House is put on the market as a Rental House.

6/11/11: Macario family moved into the house.

6/24/11: Vitto Macario has a terrible accident in the house in and then becomes “violently insane” and is placed in Warren State Hospital and then to Ward 13 in DuBois.

5/04/13: Gabriella Macario “went insane” and attempted to burn the house down with her children inside. Gabriella is transferred to Ward 13 in DuBois.

5/04/13 to 7/01/13: The house is vacant. During this time, the trust of the house is transferred to Seth Applegate, new Pastor of the DuBois “Church of His Lord And Master.”

7/02/13: Seth Applegate contacts the investigators.

7/09/13 The house is scheduled to be sold during the Vanderstowe auction beginning at midnight.



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