Although they typically appear as immense humanoid
creatures with rubbery hides and octopoid heads, the starspawn
of Cthulhu are not any more aquatic in nature than
they are terrestrial—that they are often found associated
with a planet’s oceans lies more in the simple fact that
oceans often cover the majority of a planet’s surface. The
creatures themselves, being equally at home on land, at sea,
or in the depths of space, make no real distinction between
such regions, choosing them as the sites of their cities
and temples for purposes only they can know. Servants of
the alien gods of the Dark Tapestry, they work upon the
worlds they invade to wipe them clean of indigenous life in
preparation for the eventual expansion of the Dark Tapestry
to replace all that exists with its strange realities.

Star Spawn? Illithid? Mindflayer? It's all the same.

Star Spawn? Illithid? Mindflayer? It’s all the same.



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