EVERY COUNTRY has its unexplained tragedies, and Brady Township was no exception. How and when these tragedies occurred was never explained, and they were only known when the skeletons were found.

Some time after 187o, a human skeleton was found buried in the woods on Luthersburg branch near the Thomas Keene farm, by men building a log road. The only answer was, “he must have been a peddler murdered for his pack.” Another skeleton was found up Pentz Run at the root of a stump, about three and a half miles from DuBois. Of course this was an unsolved mystery. Later, in the vicinity of Troutville, the bones of a human being were found.

A Coroner had been elected from DuBois, and he did not propose being in the same class with the man who had been elected many years before, who wrote a lawyer in Clearfield as follows “Dear Sir: I have been elected Coroner of Clearfield County and I wish to know what the emoluments and honors of the office are.” The lawyer wrote below “emoluments nothing, honors a damned sight less.” The Coroner immediately got some of his friends from DuBois for a jury, and called them into the woods below Troutville to view the skeleton. Of course the only verdict of the jury could be that it was the remains of an unknown human being, and no way to account for the death. But the poor Coroner, when he tried to collect his costs for himself and his jury from Clearfield County, bumped up against a set of hard headed County Commissioners who refused to pay, and he likewise found “the emoluments of the office as nothing.”





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