5 of Matthew Carpenter’s favorite Lovecraftian short stories

Lovecraft eZine

Matthew Carpenter Matthew Carpenter (and friend)

Welcome to the sixth entry in this series!

Mike Davis here.  Recently, I asked Lovecraftian authors, editors, and reviewers to send me a list of five of their favorite Lovecraftian short stories (that are not written by HPL himself).

It’s important to note that these lists are not our “top five” Lovecraftian short stories — for most of us, that would be next to impossible to determine. It’s simply a list of five stories that we love, and that we feel are important to Lovecraftian fiction.

This is a great way to discover some Lovecraftian tales you might not have known about. Enjoy!

The rest of this post is by Lovecraftian reviewer Matthew Carpenter – here is his list. Click the story title if you want to purchase the book in which each short story appears:

Final Draft, by David Annandale.  (In Dead But Dreaming.)

The Long…

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