Walking Dead – Season 5 Predicitions


Look Wider - You Could Miss Something

SPOILERS!: Spoilers from Walking Dead TV show up to Season 4 finale, and Walking Dead comic up to issue 101. Oh, and a sneaky Lost spoiler too.

Where will the Walking Dead story take us after this week’s Season 4 finale? I’m going to give a few predications for where this is going next in Season 5, with stories and deaths.

– I think we all know Terminus is a cannibal camp, why did they not just state this in the finale? Did the writers believe we wouldn’t all come to this conclusion as quickly as we have? This must be some sort of twist they planned to show us early Season 5 (but will be very excited if this is the biggest curveball they have thrown at us, so long as it makes sense).

-The cannibals give all those who arrive the opportunity to survive, they may not be lying. We…

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