Awesome Steampunk Zombie Cosplay Wows And Terrifies Us

Viktor Mar Bonilla

Josef Rarach, Zombie Walk Prague 2014

Josef Rarach, Zombie Walk Prague 2014

Zombies and apocalyptic stories are bigger now than ever, and it probably has something to do with the whole “end of the world” deal everybody keeps saying is right around the corner. Well, I haven’t seen any seas boiling or animals eating themselves or anything fun like that, but there HAS been a rise in zombie sightings. And one of the coolest I’ve seen in a long time was spotted at Zombie Walk Prague last May. Zombie Walk, a worldwide combination of convention, parade and street fair, is one of the biggest celebrations of brain-munching awesomeness in existence – and it’s a prime place to display outstanding talent in cosplay and makeup.

Take epic makeup artist and cosplayer Josef Rarach for example. His masterful talent for turning himself into a living (or maybe undead?) walking work of steampunk zombie art is both impressive, morbidly…

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