Episode 37: The Writhing Hill

Cthulhu on Parade!


Join us this evening on a four-and-a-quarter hour journey into the soul of man. When colluding forces bring together a band of misfits (eventually, because for the first while it’s kinda hard to get them into a room together due to poor planning on my part) – what fine discoveries shall they make in a bold new archaeological dig, which is definitely very interesting?

Everyone’s talking about this hill. This hill with weird earthworks? You – you gotta listen, man. This hill. You’ve never heard anything like it. There’s all kinds of historical artefacts getting uncovered. And our bold adventurers are gonna uncover them, and – and take a look at them, and like, take a couple guesses as to what might be going on. Then they’re gonna go get drunk. All for two pounds a day!

This episode is an extra-special GUESTRAVAGANZA, with special guests such as Austin…

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