Fantasy Flight Games Announces New RPG Horror and Survival Line

Initiative : Tabletop

end of the world

Good news for fans of survival and horror games of all types! Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new line of roleplaying games that will allow players to explore different survival methods and horrors of all kinds. The End of The World series allows gamers to delve into the worlds of a Zombie Apocalypse, Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion, and Revolt of the Machines.

Fantasy Flight is taking the idea of placing yourself in these worlds instead of creating a fictional character with which to play. These characters can react like you would, and allows you to determine how you’d actually react in these apocalyptic genres! Whether facing hoards of zombies, running for your life after the Elder Gods have been unleashed, resisting alien takeover, or battling machines that your society has built. While your characteristics are those of your own, a little bit of fantasy is allowed in…

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