Lovecraftian / Weird Fiction Author of the Week: William Holloway

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Welcome to the third installment of my “Author of the Week”! Every Sunday, I post about a Weird Fiction and/or Lovecraftian author that I feel deserves more attention. If you have suggestions, please email me at .

William Holloway William Holloway

This week’s author is William Holloway.  Read his Lovecraftian books: The Immortal Body, Song of the Death God, and Lucky’s Girl.

I asked William three questions:

Please tell us about yourself — as much or as little as you’d like to say.

What can be said about William Holloway? Since I’ve begun writing he and I have become something of two separate beings. I am he and he is me, but we are not together, at least not in the good and correct sense on the term. When I write, the mundane me recedes and he comes to the fore.

I – the one that walks around and…

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