October Flurry Fun Friday: Scary Movies


hmmm… let me see.  It’s October, the month of spooks and spectres.  My own kids are past school age, but I have my nieces here, and they’re off school for the day (in service day for teachers, I think).  It’s cold and rainy, definite pillow fort weather.  So how can the clan celebrate this particular Fun Friday in the treehouse lair?  Isn’t it obvious?  Order in some pizza and watch some scary movies!

But I still owe y’all a blog post for Fun Friday, and I hate leaving you out of the spooky movie fun.  So here are a trio of flicks available online to spice up your punky, pulpy Halloween.

First, a bit of visual stimulation:

Yeah, the picture is apropos of nothing.  But I saw it online, and found it deliciously creepy.  I thought y’all would enjoy it.  You’re welcome.

Next, did you know that the first real…

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