photographs of DuBois

This Side of DuBois

Hello, konnichiwa and salutations. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Jeremy Stratton and decided to start a small photography Blog centering on DuBois, Pennslyvania, since I’ve recently moved back to the area after being away for some years.

I like to always have some kind of creative outlet. That’s why I also have a Flickr account showcasing some of my favorite photos, many from the DuBois Area Fantasy Photoshoot group that I also try to regularly attend.

I hope you enjoy these photos of DuBois and feel free to share this site and photos from it (with a link back here, please) on your Facebook, Twitter or social-media sites of choice. You can always click the Post-heading to get a full article along with social-media buttons to easily share and a place to comment. Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment!


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