Witness the Wonders of American Horror Story: Freak Show


As a long-time fan of Ryan Murphy and horror films, I was floating on cloud nine the moment I found out he was creating a horror anthology series. Then they announced Freak Show as the subtitle for the latest season, and it were as if Christmas, my birthday and indeed, Halloween (my favourite holiday), came all at once.

For months we’ve been teased and titillated with short trailers revealing the various ‘freaks’ the show will feature, and on Wednesday night, we finally got to devour the first episode in all its freaky glory. Here’s a recap of the episode titled ‘Monsters Among Us’ (WARNING: contains spoilers):

A frightful tragedy

Freak Show began much like the first season with someone entering a home they don’t belong in, innocent to the evil inside. We see on screen that we’re in 1952 Jupiter Florida, and a milkman has come to deliver some wholesome goodness in…

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