The Lost Tomb of Zetis I

Jasper's Rantings

The Lost Tomb of Zetis I The Lost Tomb of Zetis I I love doing research into items of historical significance that I can use for either my writing or gaming. I came across a map to the Egyptian Pharaoh Seti I’s tomb that I just had to convert. Unfortunately, this tomb moves more vertically than horizontally so to recreate it for gaming purposes, I figured I could use some isometric paper instead of normal quad-rule.

I don’t like the inking on this one because the crosshatching just doesn’t seem to fit, and all of my tests looked like doo-doo. I may revisit using iso paper at a later date to see if I could make the map look more three-dimensional. I really liked the wall I drew alongside the stairwell from the Chamber of Four Pillars, but when I did that all around, it looked like crap.

One note, I drew the stairwell to the…

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