The production line: painting miniatures in bulk, part 1: from sprue to assembly

Scent of a Gamer

Plastic miniatures have, in my esteemed opinion, been a massive boon for wargamers. They have enabled hordes of cheap, details miniatures to be easily collected. However the process of assembly and painting remains much the same as it ever was.

When you are painting miniatures in bulk (groups of 20 or more of essentially the same figure) it is a benefit to take a ‘production line’ approach where you divide the task of painting the miniatures into a number of sub-tasks, and complete the same task for each model at the same time.

In this series I will go through each of the major stages, taking us from models on the sprue, to models painted, based and ready for the tables. I will also cover some mistakes to avoid, all of which I have made myself at some point!

I’m going to use two box sets as examples for this…

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