Bitten by the Call of Cthulhu Bug

Rolling Boxcars

Yesterday, while killing time waiting for a doctors appointment to start and I finally got a chance to read the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition quick start rules. While I have owned the 6th edition core rulebook for a long time, I never actually sat down to read it (nor played CoC). I think that was mainly because by the time I got it, I learned 7th edition was on the horizon and decided to wait, but I digress. I devoured the quick start rules and found the mechanics super easy to read and understand, albeit in a hyper-stripped down version. It has spurred my interest in wanting the full-blown rules. What spurred me in this direction? I decided the other day that since I had spent quite a bit of money to purchase the new Horror on the Orient Express box set that I needed to run it instead…

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