Big Daddy and Little Sister – Technological Deep Sea Marvels for D&D 5th Edition

Daemons & Deathrays


The multiverse holds many constants and variables, countless realities, countless possibilities.  Among them are societies aspiring for greatness.  These societies seek to build a utopia far away from the world they find so corrupt.  One such place was the City of Rapture; no gods, no kings, only man.  It was here one could hope to achieve greatness, without everyone else tearing you down with virtues of forced altruism, manipulative institutions and suppression of personal achievement.  It was here one had the power to join the captains of industry, but many forgot that someone had to scrub the toilets.  The bloody king of Rapture himself turned on his own ideals as a con man took advantage of the plight to mobilize an army.  As the final nail in the ideals of rapture, mutated and brainwashed humans bonded to cybernetic diving suits were used as both support for Rapture and part…

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