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In the City of the Damned between Washington and Weber Avenues stands a blank lot. This is the scar left by the monstrous and wicked Corbitt house. In the final days of the investigation, the house was swollowed whole into the very earth where it stood. However, the remaining monsters and primal demonic artifacts were walled up in the nearby building.

 What Evils are walled up in these vaults behind the cinder blocks? What horrors await the day when the city besides to tear this brick building down?

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While Helena was in the Emergency Room, Lisette began in earnest her study of the church records found in the basement. This is a summary of her findings:

  • The Chapel of Contemplation was a branch of a sect known as The Starry Wisdom Church and about which dark rumors were muttered in the late 19th Century. Many believe that the Church kidnapped children and used them as sacrifices to the Great Old Ones.
  • A journal of cult activities states that  Walter Corbitt was buried in the basement of Corbitt’s house “in accordance with his wishes and with the wishes of that one who waits in the dark.” Corbitt believed that the house was a conduit to the Dreamlands, and that being buried within it would ultimately lead him on the path to immortality.
  • According to notes made by Michael Thomas, three “Shamblers” were summoned and bound to the house to protect the body, spiritm and mind of Walter Corbitt. The summoning was a part of Corbitt’s funeral before he was buried in the basement of the house.
  • A guest book including the name ‘Mr. Lillybridge’ shortly before his disappearance in 1861.
  • Timeline of Chapel of Contemplation matches up very closely with information given by Appelgate.
    • 1851 Church Founded
    • 1854 Elisha Bishop ordained
    • 1858 Orin B Eddy died, Bishop takes over
    • 1865 Michael Thomas ordained
    • 1866 Michael Thomas takes over
    • 1868 Visit from Abednego Akeley
    • 1912 Charles Noyes ordained
    • 1912 Chapel shut down by police after raid

Two letters we of particular interest were found within the files, too. The letters follow:

February 3rd 1858

Rev. Eddy,

The secrets of the Divine Principle cannot be spread haphazardly about the world. Please respect the wishes of our esteemed founder, return to the fold and restore the integrity of the True Church. True and deep communion with The Divine Principle can be found only through the Shining Crystal. You cannot operate independently. Without true communion religion is empty and false. Do not speak against the interests of the Starry Wisdom Church again. Do not create further conflict. If you fancy any possibility for your restoration you will respond within one week. Do not forget that your power is pale next to Ours. Your chapel exists only by Our tolerance.

Raymond Flagg

This is the second letter:

October 19th 1868

Dear Rev. Michael Thomas,

It is my understanding that Dr. Flagg has spoken to you of my wish to visit the Chapel of Contemplation ( Church of Our Lord Granter of Secrets) next month for a period of study and reflection in preparation for my ordination in the Church of Starry Wisdom.

It is with the greatest sadness that I witnessed the passing on of my father, Reverend Samuel Akeley on October 5th. Responsibility for the immortal souls of the congregation weighs heavily upon my heart and I cannot in all honesty put full faith in the Congregational Protestantism in which I have been raised and ordained. It is with profound gratitude that I look back upon the teachings, wonders and revelations of Dr. Flagg during my visits with him at his vacation house in West Townshend, for it was through his generous exposition that my false world view and faith was shattered and true faith born in its place. Mankind at large truly is lost, being cut off from the Divine and I have come to see the Church of conventional Christianity as a pale shadow, almost a mockery of the Divine Truth, with false prophets at its head. With Dr. Flagg’s generosity I have come to know the Divine Principle myself directly through and as He Who Waits in the Dark and through communion with the Outer Ones. It is to the Starry Wisdom Church, perhaps the sole heirs of the wisdom of the Magi, that I owe the greatest gratitude and to which I offer my life in service.

I sincerely hope that you will accept my request for a visit of study and contemplation of one month before I move onto the Mother Church in Providence. I look forward to visiting Otoscin and enjoying your fellowship. I look forward to meeting you and to receiving your response. May we be among the Million Favored Ones!

Abednego Akeley

Lastly, Lisette looked through the remaining Chapel records, and was able to piece together the following information:

The so-called ‘Chapel of Contemplation’ was a secretive sect. The cult apparently used something called ‘The Shining Trapezohedron’ to commune with an entity referred to as ‘The Haunter of the Dark’. Although the cult was publicly denounced by the other local churches, it nonetheless grew to have a membership of around 200 members. Mysterious disappearances in the area brought the cult under public scrutiny. After run-ins with both local citizens and the municipal government, the church closed in 1877 and 181 people left the area for unknown reasons. However, there was veiled evidence that they were dealt a more summary kind of justice than banishment. This information links up somewhat with the information discovered by Helena at the beginning of the investigation.