Star Spawn of Cthulhu, Armed and Dangerous!

Within this unknowable vastness whirl other worlds, some ruled by ruin, some dominated by races beyond , and some so cursed as to be the resting places of beings that sleep beyond the touch of death, slumbering while they wait for their time to rise. Reaching across ages and infinities to worlds beyond their mighty tombs, the dreams of such beings seek out minds suspicious of sanity and sow the seeds of their inevitable return.

The star-spawn of Cthulhu have little regard for indigenous life, yet they cannot proceed with their plans for a world while such life exists. Just as a man might move into a house he thinks to be abandoned, only to discover colonies of ants dwelling within the building’s walls, the star-spawn work to eradicate indigenous infestations. Their methods seldom vary from world to world—those whose intellects they can influence via dreams and nightmares are besieged as they sleep, seeding the growth of destructive cults and societies that toil to do much of the spawn’s work for them, preparing the world and bringing it to the brink of destruction. When such worlds are poised to tear themselves apart from within through unrest, civil war, excessive pollution, genocide, or worse, the spawn mobilize their cults to end all things.