DUBOIS, PA – AUGUST 10.2015 —

The DuBois City Police were dispatched to Penn Highlands West Campus for a report of an unruly male patient at 5:19 am and again at 7:55 am.  Medical personal reported the patient was being held on a 302 warrant and was attempting to leave the facility.  Officers arrived and were able to resolve the situation.  No arrests were made, however Officers did make contact with the local DARPA office due to a link between the unruly patient and the agency.

At 11:08 DuBois City Police were dispatched to the Main Street for a report of a theft from a residence.  Police arrived and learned the caller had two firearms stolen from the the residence sometime this year.  The firearms were entered into NCIC as stolen and the investigation is on going.

The DuBois City Police were dispatched to 89 Beaver Dr. at 12:35 pm for a single vehicle accident.  Officers arrived to find a 2004 Ford Taurus resting inside the doctor’s office.  A 54 year old Brookville woman was attempting to park her vehicle when the accelerator was mistakenly used instead of the break.  This caused the car to jump the curb, traverse the sidewalk, strike the window and come to rest just inside the office.  No one was in the office at the time of the accident.  No  injuries were reported and the vehicle was drivable.  No citations were issued.

Police are investigating four separate incidents of theft of leased property from a business on the 300 block of Liberty Blvd.  The leased property is overdue for return or payment and the lessees have failed to comply.  The investigation is on going.

At 6:45 pm police were dispatched to assist DuBois EMS on Evergreen Street for a report of a 20 month old child falling from a second story window.  Police learned the child was playing with a sibling in an adjacent room to his father.  He climbed on a toy chest and while leaning on the screen, the screen gave way allowing the child to fall.  The child was flown to Child’s Hospital for emergency treatment.  His condition is unknown, but the child was awake and crying at the time of the incident.

A resident of Clinton Avenue reported an attempted break in at 8:06 pm.  The caller had left the residence for several hours and when he returned, he saw damage to the screen door and pry marks on the main door. A strange gooey substance was found on the door and window. Entry was not successful and nothing was stolen.

DuBois City Police responded to an activated burglar alarm on McCracken Run Rd at 8:11 pm.  Officers arrived and found the building to be secure and waited for a key holder.  Once there, the key holder found the front door did not shut properly due to weather stripping.  The issue was corrected and the alarm was reset.  No further action required.

At 8:54 pm a resident on Stockdale St. summoned police for a report of suspicious activity.  The caller reported what they believed to be someone walking around on the second floor of their house where no one should be.  Officers arrived and cleared the residence and confirmed there was no intruders.  No further action required.

At 11:19 pm an officer preforming traffic enforcement on Maple Avenue witnessed a male exit a vehicle on the 400 block and start punching the vehicle and was yelling.  The officer checked on the male and learned he and  his girlfriend were arguing over family issues.  The female was leaving for the night and the male was instructed not to be disorderly.  No arrests were made.



DUBOIS, PA – 8/6/15 – 7:12 pm- A 2012 Volvo was struck at the intersection of DuBois St. and Parkway Dr., by a black SUV.  The operator of the SUV left the scene of the accident without exchanging information.   The Black SUV was registered to the Opus Dei central headquarters in Rome. A search of the SUV revealed a cache of weapons including several unregistered firearms.

City police are investigating.




DUBOIS, PA — 8/8/15

At 4:54 am Officers were dispatched to the 1000 block of Green Glen Drive for a suspicious person’s report. The caller heard a loud noise  coming from her basement and believed that someone may be in her house. The basement and outside of the residence were searched. No signs of a suspicious person or activity were found. However, Officers did note a strange ichor or slime directly outside the basement door. Officers were unable to determine what the substance was and a sample was taken for further investigation.

At 10:40 am Officers received a report of theft from a motor vehicle overnight. The complainant stated that she left her purse in a locked truck parked at the YMCA. Upon returning to her vehicle a short time later she found that several hundred dollars were taken. The complainant stated that there was a large group of young adults were hanging out during the time of the incident. Investigation continues.

At 2:13 pm Officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Beaver Drive for a activated business alarm. A business employee arrived with keys and the building was cleared without incident.

At 6:08 pm Officers were dispatched to 526 Locust Street for a barking dog complaint. The dogs were found to be tied up outside and causing a disturbance. The owner was not home at the time of the incident.

At 7:35 pm Officers were dispatched to the 400 block of Rumbarger Avenue for a hit and run vehicle crash. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Dubois City Police.

At 11:11 pm Officers were dispatched to the ten block of West Washington Avenue for a barking dog complaint. The owner was asked to take the dog inside and she complied with the request.





DUBOIS, PA – 8/7/15

At 11:59 am Officers were dispatched to the intersection of Shaffer Road and Beaver Drive for a two vehicle crash. Both vehicles sustained minor damage and the Officer provided a accident information exchange sheet for both drivers.

At 1:10 pm Officers were dispatched to 22 Lord Street  for a reported disturbance. The complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend struck her and pushed her son before leaving the residence. The known male was charged with two counts of harassment.

At 8:51 pm Officers were dispatched to the ten block of West Scribner Avenue for a reported theft. During the original investigation three underage males were found to have been drinking alcohol. The males were released to their parents and charges are pending in the person who provided the adult beverages. The theft is under further investigation.

At 11:59 pm Officers were dispatched to 301 South Brady Street for reports of gunfire. The complainant said that three men in black suits were chasing a man dressed in a long brown coat. During the investigation, Officers did find bullet casings in the parking lot and street. The incident is under further investigation at this time.




DUBOIS, PA – 8/6/15 – 3:47 pm- City officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Locust St., for a report of a domestic dispute.  A man and woman were found to be arguing and there was no physical violence.

Officers reports in the official report that the couple were arguing over a strange, antique book. The man and woman explained that it has been recently bought at a local yard sale.

No charges were filed.


The Black Book


DUBOIS, PA — DuBois police are trying to figure out who vandalized nearly 60 headstones at Rumberger Cemetery, according to Channel 13 News.

Numerous headstones were broken, and others were pushed over causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage, according to authorities.

Police Chief Donald Rotonda says whoever was responsible also damaged family history. A $1,000 reward is offered.

“Some of these monuments and headstones are so old some dating back to early 1900s,” Rotonda said. “The craftsmanship that’s gone into these for these families who have lost loved ones over the years.”