Task Force X  (TFX) is a special forces team formed by the government employing a group of criminals with special skill sets to do missions that were almost certainly suicide runs against monsters, demons, and other paranormal creatures related to the Mythos. The team’s concept emulated the World War II film The Dirty Dozen and the television series Mission: Impossible. The team is led by a single man known only as The Colonel.


The existence of Task Force X is top-secret, creating much tension within the group, and leading the Squad to be targeted by other governmental agencies and private organizations.  These criminals would agree to take on TFX missions in exchange for commuted prison sentences. More often than not, however, the recruited criminals are killd in action. Rumor has it that even if a new member of TFX is successful in his mission, he is often executed by the Colonel. TFX was formed during the Truman administration, and is overseen and funded by the CIA.